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              M y  d e a r    f r i e n d,

           I am very delighted that you have reached the site of our project “Cortical Regulation of the Quiet Stance during Sensory Conflict" - Grant TK 02/60 with the National Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Republic of Bulgaria.

           The aim of this site is to disseminate scientific and popular knowledge obtained in the fields of study of the quiet standing balance during different enviromental condititions, by means of a lot of methods, in health, extremal conditions and disease, including our humble efforts as well.

           You will be surprised how interesting and difficult is the task of quiet stance, which is often underestimated and shadowed by the locomotion. Our project includes also a Journal Club and further a Summer School. If you decide to follow us, please contact us and we will keep you informed.

           We will greatly appreciate your feedback no matter positive or negative, also.


           Sincerely Yours,  

                                 Assoc. Prof. Plamen Gatev, MD, PhD,

                                 Head of the Project